We solve problems by turning the complicated into the simple.

And we do it by engaging in the art of human connection – playing matchmaker between our clients and their audiences through strategic brand integration.

Major brands and leading organizations hire us for one important reason:  we help them discover their ‘why’ and weave it into their story in a way that connects them with their audience in a meaningful, sustainable and integrated way.

We deliver results through advertising, marketing, events and opt-in digital and social media solutions to leverage our state-of-the-art strategic communications expertise into a true value exchange between you and your audience.

Let us turn your brand into an icon.


Stone creates human-to-human engagement.


The art of connection is at the heart of what we do. At Stone, we create human-to-human engagement.

We know that, despite all the technological advances and opportunities for connection today, people still interact on a human level with their brains and emotions.

Stone turns the complicated into the simple and discovers ways to motivate audiences to action.  We foster genuine conversations that lead to more meaningful brand experiences.

We consider every touch point and medium to create a dynamic consumer interaction – employing the tools of advertising, marketing, events and opt-in digital and social media.

Stone knows the aspirations, desires and unmet needs of consumers. We help our clients meet these needs by solving the most basic of all problems:  human interaction.

Brand Integration

Stone integrates every aspect of your brand’s story into the conversation.


Stone integrates every aspect of your brand’s story into the conversation.

Every brand, at its core, has a powerfully persuasive and differentiating ‘why’. Once discovered, the ‘why’ is woven into your story to motivate engagement between your brand and its target audience.

Because it’s hard to read the label when you’re inside the jar, Stone helps your brand discover why it exists, who its natural affinity audiences are and which messages resonate and mobilize them to action.

Consumers today want to participate in a relational way with the brands they choose. The most successful brands are those that tell their stories best – and create space for human engagement. And it all starts with your brand’s distinctive answer to its ‘why’ question.

Public Affairs

Stone motivates people to action with resonant messaging.


Stone motivates people to take action with resonant messaging.

In the public affairs and corporate arenas, we help our clients discover their own distinctive and powerfully persuasive ‘why’ – creating the emotional basis for personal and collective action. Then we weave your story through an integrated communications strategy that mobilizes micro-targeted audience behavior.

Well-crafted and winsome narratives drive conversations across every demographic in today’s highly segmented environments. Stone cuts through the rhetoric to employ the art of listening and better understand the audiences our clients want to engage and persuade.

We dig, delve and discover insights that reach beyond base constituencies and deliver results.

The jungle of policy and public opinion is fraught with peril. Stone turns the complicated into the simple to help you forge the clearest path to success.

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